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Admission to Clinique de L'Essonne

Our receptionists are on hand to help you with administrative formalities, give you any information you may need and provide guidance for you and your visitors. To make your stay as easy as possible, we recommend that you bring all the documents relating to your hospitalisation with you.

To compile your administrative file for admission to the clinic, you will need to provide us with

  • your up-to-date "carte Vitale" or your certificate of entitlement to health insurance for all third-party payment.
  • a deposit cheque for 500 euros for an inpatient stay or 100 euros for an outpatient stay, which will be requested when you open a telephone credit, receive a TV remote control and pay the fixed hospital charge. This cheque will be returned to you once your discharge file has been completed.
  • if your mutual insurance company will cover the cost of a single room, daily rates and sometimes additional fees for certain insurance companies and mutual insurance companies (please fax to 01 64 97 11 63).
  • If you are in possession of a prescription (illnesses covered at 100%), please have a sticker ready.
  • the name and contact details of a trusted support person to be contacted if necessary.

To compile your administrative file on the day of your anaesthetic consultation, please bring along:

  • the admission form issued by your surgeon's assistant.
  • Your certificate of entitlement to Social Security cover, together with your Vitale card and proof of identity (family record book for children).
  • in the event of an accident at work (AT), universal health cover (CMU) or state medical aid (AME), provide the specific certificates.
  • If you have supplementary insurance or a mutual insurance company, ask them to cover the cost of the planned operation (the clinic's administration can take care of this), as some supplementary insurances cover certain costs (in whole or in part) and reimburse certain supplements directly through third-party payment, saving you from having to pay certain expenses, including :

- the fixed daily rate and the P.A.T. (participation assuré transitoire),

- any co-payments for minor surgical procedures,

- the supplement for a private room,

- additional fees charged by certain sector II practitioners.

Beneficiaries of maternity insurance and article 115 are exempt from the fixed daily rate and the P.A.T. (participation assuré transitoire).

To compile your medical file, if you already have certain documents, bring:

  • Your latest X-rays
  • Your blood group card
  • Your most recent medical examinations (X-rays, laboratory results, electrocardiograms, etc.);
  • a letter from your GP
  • Your prescriptions
  • Health record (for children)


Consultation fees

Additional fees for consultations are displayed in the consultation halls. If the fees are higher than the standard rates, they may be reimbursed by your mutual insurance company, depending on your policy.

Hospital fees

For sector I practitioners, fees are fully covered by social security.

For sector II practitioners, fees are free. This means that procedures are reimbursed by Social Security on the basis of the conventional tariff, but not the supplement.

Additional fees for surgical procedures will be indicated to you by your practitioner during the consultation prior to your operation and will be the subject of an estimate signed by you. Some mutual insurance companies will cover any additional fees, while others will ask you to pay them when you leave the hospital and will reimburse you in full or in part at a later date.

Some mutual insurance companies can provide you with cover before you are admitted, in which case you will not have to pay anything on the day you are discharged. It is therefore advisable to apply to your mutual insurance company as soon as you have booked your operation.

Compulsory contributions linked to your stay

In accordance with current regulations, you will be asked to pay certain costs. These are not reimbursed by the Assurance Maladie, but may be covered by your mutual insurance company or supplementary health insurance. Ask your health insurance company for details. There are exemptions, particularly for people receiving complementary health insurance or state medical aid. You can find the full list of exemptions on the ameli.fr website.

Fixed hospital charge: €20 per day (including the day of discharge)

The fixed hospital charge represents your financial contribution to the accommodation and maintenance costs incurred by your hospitalisation. It is payable for each day of hospitalisation, including the day of discharge. It does not apply to outpatient stays. The amount of the fixed hospital charge is set by ministerial decree.

Fixed contribution: €24 per stay

The preservation of Social Security is everyone's business and, in principle, you contribute to each of your health expenses. The part of the cost that remains payable by you is known as the "fixed contribution" or "co-payment".

The fixed contribution of €24 applies to procedures costing €120 or more. You may be asked to pay a co-payment for any procedure under €120.

You may not be billed for any costs other than those corresponding to the care provided or, where applicable, to any special requirements you may have requested. The amount of these special requirements, the list of which is strictly defined by the regulations and includes in particular access to a private room, must be communicated to you before the treatment is carried out.


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Hôpital privé d’Evry

Come to the centre

By car
By car

From Paris, take the A6 towards Lyon, then the N7 towards the Champs Elysées.

The visitor car park is accessible from Rue de la Clairière.

GPS coordinates: lat: 48.634296 - Ing: 2.425355

By bus
By bus

From Orangis Bois de l'Epine, take the "405" towards Corbeil-Essonnes.

From Evry-Courcouronnes, take :

the "408" towards Evry Bras de Fer stop Clinique or the "405" towards Orangis Bois de l'Epine stop Lycée Parc des Loges or the "407" towards Ris-Orangis RER stop Bois Guillaume.
Access by train
Access by train

RER line D

From Gare de Lyon, take the Corbeil-Essonnes or Malesherbes direction.

Get off at Evry-Courcouronnes or Orangis Bois de l'Epine station, a 25-minute walk from the hospital, or take the bus (see "By bus").

Located in the south-east of the Île-de-France region, 28 km south of Paris, Hôpital Privé d'Evry is on the corner of Rue du Bois Guillaume and Boulevard des Champs Elysées.

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